3 Card Poker


3 card poker is becoming one of the most played poker games in the casinos today. This is because it is easy to play, and gives people a lot of fun when being played. It is a game that is played with a deck of 52 cards. This game is a two in one game in that you can play play/ante game or pair plus game.

The ame will begin once players have made their bets. Betting here requires a player to choose the game he or she wants to play. If one wants to play play/ante game, he only needs to put a bet on the play/ante game. If one though needs to play pair plus game, then he must put bets on both play/ante and pair plus. Once betting is over, the shuffle master machine will deal a three card hand. The hand will then be given to each player by the dealer beginning with the player on the left and continuing clockwise.

In case a player had already decided to play play/ante, he has to decide again whether to fold or play once he has looked at his cards. If he chooses to fold then he forfeits his wager. In case he wants to continue, the player has to make an additional bet on his ante bet. This bet is twice the ante bet.

When the decision has been made by all players, the dealer will show his cards. The dealer needs to qualify at this stage for the game to continue. Qualification here means that the dealer has to have a hand that has to contain a queen or a higher ranking. If this isn’t the case, all active players are paid even ante bet money and the play bet will be retuned to players. If the dealer qualifies, then the game continues. The dealer shows compares his hand with the players. If there is a tie the player wins, if the player’s hand beat the dealer the player wins, and if the dealer beats the player’s hand the dealer wins.


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