Casino Hold'hem


Wondering how you will enjoy an exciting session of Casino Holdem variation without having to travel to a live casino? Well, you can now play this game from anywhere thanks to the increasing number of online casinos. But just like any other casino game, make sure to go through the existing rules of the game before you place your bet. The rules of this variation are rather simple and clear-cut. For instance, the player is required to place their bet in the ante box plus an elective side bet in the AA box. The elective bet is also referred to as the AA Bonus.

The house dealer then provides each player with two cards facing down and two cards to himself. Additionally, three community cards are placed at the center of the table facing up. In a more technical language, the three community cards are referred to as the Flop. Eventually, the Flop with contain five cards. If the player wishes to continue with their bet, they are required to place an additional bet. This bet must be two times the Ante inside the Call. But if the player does not wish to continue, they will Fold and hence lose their bets in the Ante and the AA.

Once all players decide to call or beat, the dealer opens each player’s two cars. At this point, the dealer collects the losing bets and gives them to the winner. Then the dealer produces the last two cards facing up, arranges the Flop to ensure they can be read easily and reveals his/her two cards. The players’ hands will be matched with the dealer’s and each of them will be awarded based on the best five card poker hands to be composed from the Flop and each player’s two cards. For a dealer to qualify, they must be in possession of a couple of 4s.


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