Cyberstud Poker


Cyberstud poker is a game that pits the skills of a player against those of the dealer. The main objective of the game is to beat the hand of the dealer. For one to play in this game, it is required that he or she must bet before the cards are dealt. This bet is normally called ante bet. Once the player does this, he receives five cards while the dealer receives one card.

When the player and dealer have received the cards, the player must decide whether to continue betting and increase chances of winning big or fold to minimize loses. If the player decides to bet on what he has on his hands, the dealer will receive four extra cards. The outcome of the game will therefore be based on the value of cards the player versus the value of what the dealer has.

For the game to continue, the dealer’s hand needs to have a king and an ace to qualify. If the hand doesn’t have the king and an ace, then you are the winner. The player’s bet will be doubled and his bet returned. The player needs to remember that if he folds, then he loses the bet no matter what the dealer. For the game to begin therefore, the player has to bet and the dealer qualify.

If the dealer does really qualify and the player decides to bet, then the bet is doubled and the game continues. In this case, the dealer has to have an ace and king for the game to continue. For the player to win, his hand has to beat the dealer. For the dealer to win, the dealer’s hand needs to beat the player’s hand. If though the value of the cards in both hands is the same, the winner is the one with the card with the highest value.


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