European Blackjack



One of the most sought after Blackjack variations in the world today is the European Blackjack. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that it is quite easy to learn this game. Therefore, it is essential to start your game with a review of the available rules and regulations. This will make your game more exciting and fun.

With the European Blackjack variation, there are only two decks of cards, and every card is useful in the game. This implies that you will have 104 cards. Since this is different from hole card games, the dealer is not expected to focus on his hand. You will have an opportunity to Double Dow in case you are dealt two cards with a total of 9, 10 or 11. In case you wish to split your hand, be informed that you can only do it once. Furthermore, with a split hand, you can only play two different hands of the European Blackjack. In every instance, the dealer will rest on 17. Any split couple of Aces in European Blackjack deals you several cards to every Ace. And if the Ace is dealt a 10 valued card, the game then ceases to be a Blackjack and it becomes a 21 hand. Any 10 cards that are similar can easily be split but different 10 valued cards can never be split.


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