European Roulette



The European roulette evolved in France in the early 17th century. It is a special type of gambling requiring a blend of both tactic and chance. The game comprises of a wheel, a ball, and a table divided into sections with numbers in a non-sequential order. A player is required to place the ball on the wheel, press the spin button and bet on the number that the ball will rest at. Some people believe that it takes a strategic plan to pick the winning numbers, while other believe that you just need to pick a number and let fate decide your destiny. Interestingly, these two arguments are somewhat correct.

The most important task for you is to understand the rules of each roulette game. Although the two main roulette games are almost identical, they still have some variations which you need to familiarize yourself with. The most typical question that first timers ask is: How do you play the European roulette?.

For starters, the European roulette wheel has 37 stops and the ball will stop at any of these points depending on the spin. These numbers appear in a non-sequential order. They start with a 0, and then 1-36. The numbers are colored in either red or black. On the roulette table, place your chips on the numbers you think are more likely to win. In European roulette, winnings are forfeited on a multiplier of the bets. The European roulette has a variety of bets, allowing you to place your chips on different bets to maximize your chances of winning.


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