Jack or better



Learning how to play Jack or Better is the most important step towards making every session enjoyable and successful. Just like any other gambling game, the Jack or Better comes with important rules that every player must abide by. A common mistake that most players make is to indulge in the game before they familiarize themselves with the laid down requirements. Although this game enjoys pretty much the same rules as other table games it has its specifications that you have to appreciate. For instance, in an opening deal, every participant is dealt 2 cards face down. These cards are referred to as hole cards or pocket cards.

Then comes the first betting round, which begins with the participant on the left side of the full-size blind. As a player you are allowed to decide on whether to call, raise, or double the blind. This blind provides the option of raising the pot, which is otherwise not raised. The other important step is the flop. At this point, the dealer will burn a card, after which he/she will deal 3 community cards face up. These cards are commonly known as the Flop. But all community cards are jointly referred to as the Board.

The second round starts with the left side player, and each player has the liberty to either check or place a bet. Once there is a bet, each participant can raise, call, or fold. This is followed by the Turn where the dealer starts by burning a card and adding a fourth card face up to the Board. The fourth card is referred to as the Turn card, while some people call it the fourth street. There is the third round and the final round. Then finally there is the showdown where the player with the highest five-card hand carries the day.


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