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Joker Poker is among the most desired poker variations in the world today. Interestingly, poker players are now able to enjoy this game at their own convenience thanks to the increasing number of online gaming sites that offer it. Nevertheless, you have to be familiar with the laid down rules of the game. By appreciating these aspects, you will be in a position to make every gaming session successful and exciting. Here are the most important facts about Joker Poker that you need to be familiar with.

For starters, Joker Poker comes with tables that display the real Joker Poker layout. What’s more, it requires one deck and a dealer’s button. Each table carries a maximum of seven players whereby each player is expected to place a bet with an amount equivalent to the difference between the table minimum and table maximum. In most instances, the amount will be posted on the table for everyone to see. You are supposed to put your bet inside the selected circle before you. The dealer then shuffles and cuts the deck before dealing five cards to each player going round.

The first card goes to the participant on the left side of the player with the button. The player with the button is the last one to be dealt a card. Once all cards are distributed, every player is supposed to select a wild card from the player’s hand. Then they place the cards they’ve selected in the highlighted box facing down. The other four cards are placed in the rear box printed on the design before you. Once all hands have been placed, the dealer will open all players’ hands going round.


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