Multihand Blackjack



Multi Hand Blackjack is among the most celebrated blackjack variations in the world of gaming. There are several essential aspects of this table game that you need to appreciate as you prepare to indulge in it. For starters, Multi Hand Blackjack involves 5 decks. What’s even more unique about this variation is the fact that players are given a chance to play 5 hands at a go. But what is Multi Hand Blackjack? Well, this game is just like any other Blackjack where you as the player play against the casino dealer. Your main aim as a multi hand player is to get a hand with more value than the dealer’s hand.

But as you seek a hand with your bets, it is important to ensure that your hand’s value does not break the total of 21. Essentially, most of the standard rules in blackjack apply in this variation. Every player places their bet and they are then dealt 2 cards. Based on the two cards and the dealer’s up-card, players are required to decide on whether to stand, double down, take insurance, or hit. If you beat the casino dealer, the house pays you. And if you lose, you must surrender your bet.

Although the Multi Hand Blackjack variation is similar to other variations, it has a bit of uniqueness. Some of the game’s specifics that are important to highlight include the following:
There are five decks in each multi hand blackjack session and players are allowed to play up to 5 hands at a go Dealers must rest on a17 or more, plus it does not matter whether they stand on soft 17 or hard 17
No further doubling and re-splitting once you have split your hand
You do not surrender in multi hand blackjack
The dealer should not peek at the hole card before the hand is over



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