Multihand video poker



Multi Hand Video Poker is largely based on the popular card game draw poker and it is played against the casino. This game has won the hearts of many casino enthusiasts mainly because of its numerous exciting features such as wild cards, gamble options, bonus payouts to name just a few. The main objective of multi hand video poker is to make use of the cards you have to get the best hand. However, it is also important to ensure that you understand the existing rules before you engage in any multi hand video poker game. This helps to advance your chances of winning.

The multi hand video poker game is quite entertaining especially since it allows you to triumph over the house in a very short period of time. Also, all payouts in this game are determined by the usual poker hand level system. You can add wild cards and other exciting gamble feature to your game to make it more entertaining. What are wild cards? These are special cards that act as blank slates that in most cases become the winning cards after the last draw. The playing machine will pick the card for you and automatically award the available maximum payout.

Video poker becomes more enjoyable when you are able to play multi hands. Just like in a normal video poker, the player is given five cards and they have a chance to drop any card and draw replacements. The only difference between the two variations is that once the player selects the cards they wish to draw, the initial cards are copied according to the number of times the game variation dictates. The player can then draw the copies using a new fresh deck of cards for each. Each hand will be able to enjoy its own draw from the new deck.


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