Oasis Poker


Oasis Poker is a game that combines both Caribbean Poke and Video Poker. The goal of the player in this game is to get a much stronger hand than the dealer. This game also allows you to exchange cards as video poker does.

Before a player can start playing, the player is required to place a wager. The wagers that can be placed in this game are of two types: the ante bet and call bet. The ante bet is placed before cards are dealt. While the call bet is placed if you would like to continue with the hand to the showdown. The call bet is always twice the size of ante bet. Players should therefore be careful because the ante bet has to be doubled for the call bet to be actualized.

When bets have been placed, the cards are dealt. The dealer and the player get five cards each with one of the dealers cards face-up. At this stage, a player has some options to make. he may choose to ‘fold’, meaning to muck and lose the ante bet, ‘call’, meaning he has double the ante bet leading to opening of cards by the dealer and determination of the winner and payouts, and ‘draw cards’, meaning the player can replace as many cards as possible. The cards the player replaces though will cost him as much as the initial bet placed

. For a player to win in this game, the dealer needs to open his cards after the cards have been drawn, or the player has made the call. The valuation of hands is done as it is in normal poker game where the royal flush is the best combination. In addition, all five cards are used to make the possible best combination. It is good to note too that all evens are paid for ante bets and odds to call bets. In addition, for payouts to be made, a dealer’s hand will have to qualify to a certain level.


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