Poker Pursuit


Poker pursuit is an online poker version which is based on five card stud, traditional table game. This game allows you to start playing with three cards. You though have an option of increasing initial wager for two occasions before you receive the 4th and 5th cards.

The 52 card deck is the one used when playing poker pursuit. The objective of the game is to attain a high ranking in order to claim a prize. Poker pursuit is not played against the dealer or other players but rather as a poker solitaire.

There are three stages conducted in poker pursuit. In every stage, more information is revealed about the hand of poker pursuit. The player is then required to use the information to determine whether it is important to increase the wager or leave it at the current level.

During the first stage, the player is supposed to select initial wager amount. The amount the player selects at this stage affects subsequent betting. It is very important for one to take care therefore at this stage so as not to select too high or too low amount. Once the player has been satisfied with the selection, he needs to click on the deal button. Once the deal button has been pressed, the game starts with three cards facing up.

The second stage is a decision making stage. This is where a player is required to make a decision whether to call or raise depending on the evaluation of three cards. If a player decides to click ‘call’ button, the initial wager will be retained. If the player decides to click on the ‘Raise’ button, the wager will be increased with the same wager amount. This will bring fort a fourth card.

The third and final stage is like the second one. This stage also requires the player to decide whether to call or raise the initial offer. The amount won will depend on the pay table of the casino. Even so, it is always important to seek more information before one starts to play.


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