Progressive Jackpots



Progressive jackpots are payouts machines used for gambling. They are similar to slot machines or video poker homes. These machines are found in casinos. For clarity, the machines are labeled as progressive jackpots to sensitize the player he or she is sitting on a progressive jackpot.

The jackpot machine winnings increase by small portions each time the game is played. The increase limits are normally set by a particular casino. In some cases, several jackpot machines may be linked thus necessitating faster increments of winnings. This is because many players are playing from different machines at the same time.

Each progressive jackpot machine has a meter which shows the jackpot amount. The meter of the jackpot machine also shows the winning combinations required. Once the player wins the game, the machine resets to the minimum levels. This calls for the game to begin a fresh, and the process continues.

For players to qualify for the jackpot winnings, they have to bet on the maximum wager per play. If the maximum wager is not met, the player will still contribute to the jackpot although he will not be allowed to keep the jackpot in case he wins.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of progressive jackpot is that one can win big. In fact, one can win a lump sum by betting a small amount. What’s more, the winnings grow very fast. This makes it easy for many to love this game.


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