Red Dog


Red dog poker is chance game that is played with 52 standard cards deck. Although it appears like it is a variation of acey-deucey game, it isn’t. In fact, this game is a simple game that is played around the world, and it doesn’t have much to do with traditional variants. The deck used to play this game is the 52 card standard deck that is found in any playing cards deck. In online versions, a player can play the game with many decks, sometimes up to eight decks.

For Red Dog game to begin, a player makes a bet followed by playing two face-up cards. For each round to begin, there are three possibilities. When the first two cards are in consecutive order, then the hand is a push meaning that a player’s bet will be returned. If the two cards already played are equal, then dealing of the third is done. If the third card dealt is also equal, the player gets the best possible payout of 11:1. If though the third card is not equal, then the game is termed as a push. This leads to the wager coming back to the player.

In case where none of the two occurrences happen, then the dealer calls for a spread. This is when the real game starts. The spread is the one that determines a player’s possible payout. In Red Dog game, there are four different spreads, each spread with different payout. The announcement of the spread allows the player to double his or her wager depending on the two cards available. The player will win if the card reveled by the dealer falls in between the values of the two cards already dealt. This leads to a player earning the player payout equal to the amount that was announced by the spread before the third card was revealed. The bet is lost if the third card reveled falls outside the values of the first two cards.


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