Tequila Poker


Tequila poker is the fastest available poker variant. It is a game of high intensity and very fast. It is simply a combination of two popular card games in the world today, Poker and Blackjack. This game is not determined by how good a player plays against the dealer or other players. For one to win, he or she has to rely on predetermined factors.

Tequila game consists of two games: High tequila and Tequila Poker. Although both games are almost identical, there is a slight difference between them. That’s why a play needs to select whether to play high tequila or tequila poker.

In order to start playing tequila poker game, it is important to first understand the basic rules. Because there are two types of tequila poker, it is good for a player to note a difference. This will ensure that a player doesn’t make a mistake thinking he is playing another version. Once someone has understood the rules, he or she may proceed to play the game.

Playing tequila requires one to place ante bet which will lead to a bank dealing four face-up cards on the table. The player then is required to select which of the game he or she would like to play. One may also opt to fold at the expense of the original bet. If one continues with either tequila poker or high tequila, the original poker is doubled. In addition, continuing with the game allows the bank to deal 2 additional cards.

It is good for new players to note that winning is not always guaranteed. It may take time, dedication and professionalism to get desirable results. It is important therefore for players to take their time to learn and perfect the game. For instance, it is good to start with practice sessions before entering into the real deal. In this way, players will increase chances of winning tequila poker.


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