Texas Hold Em


Texas hold em has gained popularity in the recent years. In fact, as of today, Texas hold em is the most popular poker game in the world. The game is played in both live casinos and other poker centers. Being the most popular game in the world, you may want to try it. If you are a newbie in the game though, you may get it hard to play immediately.

This is a seven card stud variation poker game where players share common cards. These common cards are called the ‘the board’. The starting two card poker hand is normally comprised of face-down poker cards. Because of this, the obligation to bet first is normally rotated clockwise after each poker hand. This is done with the help of dealer and blinds buttons.

A dealer button is visible since it has the word ‘Dealer’ in it. This makes it easy for players to detect and use it whenever necessary. Blinds on the other hand are bets that are made by the first two players. Blinds are mandatory and so the first two players have to make them. Blinds in limit games are always in amount of half of the lower limit of the 1st player, also known as small blind, and the lower limit of the 2nd player, also referred to as big blind. For instance, if the first and second player bet 10 and 20 respectively, then the smaller and bigger blind will be 5 and 10 respectively.

This game therefore allows players to place bets based on the value of card they are in possession by placing a bet in a central poker game pot. For a player to win, he or she must hold the poker hand with the highest value based on the rankings, or the one that remains after others have lost the game.


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