Trey Poker


Trey poker is a game which allows you to play two games at a go. For you to play this game, you are required to bet. Betting here means that you select and place one or more chips in the ante field. You may also want to play Pair-Up by placing a bet in the Pair-Up field. On the same note, you may choose to remove a bet that you’ve already placed. Removal of the bet you’ve already placed is done by clicking the grey chip that has red cross and then following it with another click on the bet that you wish to remove.

Once you are through with betting, you need to click on the ‘Deal’ button for you to receive three cards. On the same time, the bank will receive the similar number of closed cards. Once you’ve received the cards, immediately you can be able to see the poker hand you’ve got. At this juncture you can stop playing by clicking ‘fold’. It is good to note though that you will lose your bet once the round is over.

If you would like to continue playing, you need to click on ‘play’ button. When you do this, an extra bet will automatically be made. This is when you get to see the cards that the bank has and the hand that has won. If your hand has won, your credit account will be credited. If you have a bet on Pair-Up, your wins will also be credited to your account. In this way, you would have played one round of trey poker.

Even though the above information can be enough for you to begin playing trey poker, it is good to source for more information if you are a newbie. If you have never played this kind of game before, it is advisable to watch how others do it before jumping in. This will ensure that you make right decisions all the time.


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